Happy for Bruce Jenner :)

So I’m sure everyone has heard about, and many have probably seen the Bruce Jenner interview with Dianne Sawyer.

I think that it’s great that he is at a point in his life where he feels like he can finally be his true self and “be loved for who he really is”. I really think that he is going to change the world.

He is showing that even though he does fit the macho-male stereotype of being a great athlete, he feels like he is truly a woman on the inside. I think that this is an amazing milestone in societies further acceptance of LGBT people.

I think that its easy to hide beside someone else, but it is very brave to be your real self!

I think that Bruce Jenner’s story is very inspiring and I wish him all the best in life!

I love this picture of Bruce and his daughters, so cute!
I love this picture of Bruce and his daughters, so cute!

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Must Have Spring Accesory – Big Floppy Hats!

My favourite accessory thus far this Spring has been my black fedora style hat. Its floppy but not too big and I love the way it accents the black buttons on my grey coat.

I got it from Blue Notes at 40% off so after tax it came to about 8 dollars. It was a great steal! But I see them everywhere, I was going to get a hazy blue one that had reddish accenting around the base but it was too big for me. Luckily I found this one though!

Happy shopping and blogging!

DIY – Candle Wax For Your Scentsy

I hate when I get down to the end of the wicks of my candles but their is still wax left to burn. So, I get the wax out and burn it in my wax burner. I don’t have a scentsy but it works for those too!

image - Copy (6)

All you need to do is boil some water and pour it into the candle holder and let for all of the wax to come up to the surface and then dry! I always do it before leaving for work so I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to completely harden but I don’t think more than a couple hours for all of the wax to rise from the bottom then harden at the top.

image (19) - Copyimage (17) - Copy

Once it’s done you have a little puck of wax and you can break it up and but it into the wax burner!

image (18) - Copy

Hope this helps anyone who’s tired of wasting the bottoms of candles! Happy Blogging!

Outfit Of The Night – 04.23.2015

So my friends and I went out to celebrate the end of the school year last night and I felt like dressing up a bit!

WIN_20150423_195737 (3)

I’m wearing a black t-shirt crop top from Aerie and its tucked into the black skirt. It’s not a dress! Lol. I opted for panty-hoes because I haven’t shaved my legs in 4 weeks (and I don’t plan to until Mr.F comes home hehe).

How is everyone celebrating the start of summer? Happy blogging!

“Be the bigger otter” – taking theoretical relationship advice from the otter couple at the zoo

image (4) - Copyimage

See this picture here? This is the smaller otter (I’m assuming the smaller one was the lady) hissing very aggressively at the bigger otter when ever he would try and go on the rock patch. After several attempts at trying to go chill with his lady and just getting yelled at for it he just kinda said “f*** it” and kept walking over to her as she backed into a corner. I though there was about to be a show down. But there wasn’t. Once he got her in the corner they just got all cuddled up and lay down together.

The reason I relate this to human monogamist relationships is because sometimes it reminds me of me and Mr. F . This is because due to our limited amount of time together (2 weeks before he’s gone again for another 4 :() we really don’t have time for petty fights.

Of course that doesn’t stop me from getting moody about petty things and vice versa. So, we have had to learn when it’s just not worth it to waste another second fighting when we could be enjoying each others company. I think this is one of the reasons why our relationship is strong, because we can let things go when they just aren’t important. We’ve learnt how to apologize better and also how to communicate what the actually issue is. So I guess there is a minimal upside to him being gone all the time… lol

I hope you enjoy the cute otter picks and the post! Happy blogging!

"Is this what you wanted? Is this how you wanted our Tuesday to go, Tina?"
“Is this what you wanted? Is this how you wanted our Tuesday to go, Tina?”

Outfit Of The Day – 04.21.2015

Hello all! So since my first ootd post went over well I thought I would do another one for today!

Today I’m wearing maroon leggings and this crochet lace top that I got from target before they pulled out of Canada ( 😦 sigh).

I’m also wearing these cute leather flats I got for Spring. I was worried they were a little to hipster for me to pull off but after wearing them regularly for about a month I think its safe to say they fit perfectly into my wardrobe! I’m also wearing the gold necklace and owl pendant my Dad got me for Valentines this year. Yes, my Dad gets my sister and I V-day gifts, because we’ll always be his girls 🙂 my Mom always gets the best gift from him though. Gotta love a man with good taste!

WIN_20150421_084733 WIN_20150421_084752

I hope you all like my attire for my day of work and exams!

Happy blogging 🙂

Cute, Quick, and Easy Eye Makeup

So today I just did my go-to quick and easy look. I used the Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay however you can get similar colors just from the drug store!

I did my face makeup first, which I normally don’t but I did for the sake of the video. And don’t mind my hair and outfit, I usually like to do my makeup before doing my hair and putting on my outfit for the day! lol

Here are some picks of the finished look!

image - Copy (5)image (15) - Copy image (16) - Copy

Hope you enjoy!

Outfit of the Day (ootd) – 04/20/2015

So I’ve decided to start making Outfit Of The Day posts to show off my personal style and express my feelings on Today’s fashion!

Today I am wearing black leggings, a simple white t-shirt, and this long crochet knit cardigan that I absolutely love! And I’m wearing my brand new Sperry`s in metallic black and gold!

I'm in love love love with this cardigan!
I’m in love love love with this cardigan!

I think that leggings and some simple shirts are staples that are perfect to have no matter what your style.

I love this cardigan because it reminds me of something out of the 70’s. Call me Yoko? Lol. I got it from American Eagle, it’s regularly priced 59.95 but they had a killer sale on!

I also love my Sperry’s however I’m still getting used to them and they’re causing some blisters on my feet. Nothing picking up some new ‘little sockets’ as I call them, you know the sock things to wear with flats, can’t fix.

Here is a link to a post on my go to every day makeup! If you liked this outfit you might like that post too 🙂


Happy blogging 🙂

Favorite Hair Care Brand! – Klorane Labrotories

So I thought I would make a post about my favourite hair care brand of all time… Klorane Laboratories

images (2)  I have only used 3 differently products from this brand but I love it. I always get things I can put in my hair as a detangler/smoother/ heat protector after I shower, but they also have a wide range of shampoos and conditioners.

The great thing about this brand is that it uses nutrients from all natural plants and flowers, and there is something for every hair type! Here is a list of their hair ranges, and this can also be found at their website!

Screenshot (16) Screenshot (17)

Unfortunately I think they have discontinued the original hair cream I started with but I did find a picture of this line. It used aloe Vera and it was great!


Then, I started using this magnolia detangler spray. It works well however I find that I used too much of it, it being in a spray bottle, and its kinda on the pricey side if I don’t get it on sale.

Screenshot (19)

I am now using this desert date leave-in cream. It is amazing. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and shiny, like you just left the salon. It also smells amazing, and restores nutrients!

Screenshot (18)

Well I hope this post is helpful for anyone looking to try out some new products! They can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart! Happy blogging!