DIY – Candle Wax For Your Scentsy

I hate when I get down to the end of the wicks of my candles but their is still wax left to burn. So, I get the wax out and burn it in my wax burner. I don’t have a scentsy but it works for those too!

image - Copy (6)

All you need to do is boil some water and pour it into the candle holder and let for all of the wax to come up to the surface and then dry! I always do it before leaving for work so I’m not exactly sure how long it takes to completely harden but I don’t think more than a couple hours for all of the wax to rise from the bottom then harden at the top.

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Once it’s done you have a little puck of wax and you can break it up and but it into the wax burner!

image (18) - Copy

Hope this helps anyone who’s tired of wasting the bottoms of candles! Happy Blogging!