Cute, Quick, and Easy Eye Makeup

So today I just did my go-to quick and easy look. I used the Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay however you can get similar colors just from the drug store!

I did my face makeup first, which I normally don’t but I did for the sake of the video. And don’t mind my hair and outfit, I usually like to do my makeup before doing my hair and putting on my outfit for the day! lol

Here are some picks of the finished look!

image - Copy (5)image (15) - Copy image (16) - Copy

Hope you enjoy!

Drug store makeup haul!!!!

During the first week after Mr. F goes back to work I feel very lost.. and I often find myself at the mall. Anyways, I underwent some retail therapy in the cosmetics section of Shoppers Drug Mart.

My new goodies
My new goodies

I love going through the aisles picking out new products to try and eventually, hopefully, find the best for me. I got some new brands, products, and colors than Ive normally tried and I’m going to let you all know how they worked out!

New Foundation and Powder – Maybelline New York “Fit Me! Matte + Loveless” liquid foundation and powder.

image (5) I had been using a foundation and powder combo from Revlon, that was actually the same number as this one, 110 (I’m pasty, I know). I do like the coverage this foundation offers, however I’m a little worried, as I always so when I get a new foundation, that it may be a little too light for my skin. Let me know what you guys think when I post a picture at the bottom of this post of my finished makeup look!

New Blush and Trying out Bronze –  Covergirl “Checkers” blush in the natural rose shade & Essence “Sun Club matt bringing powder”.

image (3)

I do really like the blush! Normally I go with a little darker pink/ rose color for my cheeks but I like this light pink for a really sweet look. I also hadn’t used boozer before but I decided to give it a try and I’m liking what I see! When I got home with the boozer I realized that it did say right on it that it was for darker skin, and I have very, very pale skin, so I was kinda worried I just made a useless purchase. However, I actually really like it and I think the darker color of the powder is perfect for the subtle use and look I tried to accomplish.  So all in all a good purchase!

New eyeliner – Essence Gel Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner Brush.

image (4)So I normally use a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, but I thought I would try my hand at gel liner. And the thing about eyeliner is it can sense fear and will thus nor perform the way you want it to. Obviously its just a matter of getting used to it, because after a couple attempts and rehashes of the face the night I first bought it I started to get the hang of it.  So,  I do like it I just think I’m going to need some more practise before I can call myself the eyeliner goddess I can with a felt tip liquid eyeliner… lol.  However though I’m not really a fan of this brush, I think its just a little to thick, but I have an old brush I never knew what was for before, that I think I may use… now to dig it out of my old makeup bin at my parents…

New lipstick –  Rimmed London  Airy Fairly Lipstick #070

image (2)I bought this shade because it reminds me of this lipstick I loved that met an unfortunate end smushed up at the bottom of my purse. I like this color because it is natural enough to just seem to accentuate the natural color of my lips.  This  one, if too much applied does seem to get alittle more pinky than I would hope but that’s just an issue of product application, Im sure ill be fine with just a quick swipe over the lips. Which is really why I bought it, to have a perfect lipstick to use on the go.

Not new eye shadow – Maybelline and Revlon Palettes

imageThese aren’t new but I thought I would add the  drugstore eyeshadow I used to complete the drugstore makeup look haul. I just used toe neutral shades but I do love all the shades I have in these palettes.

So here is the finished look with my new makeup, let me know what you guys think of my new stuff!

image 6WIN_20150414_160052WIN_20150414_134536 (2)