Must Have Spring Accesory – Big Floppy Hats!

My favourite accessory thus far this Spring has been my black fedora style hat. Its floppy but not too big and I love the way it accents the black buttons on my grey coat.

I got it from Blue Notes at 40% off so after tax it came to about 8 dollars. It was a great steal! But I see them everywhere, I was going to get a hazy blue one that had reddish accenting around the base but it was too big for me. Luckily I found this one though!

Happy shopping and blogging!

Outfit Of The Night – 04.23.2015

So my friends and I went out to celebrate the end of the school year last night and I felt like dressing up a bit!

WIN_20150423_195737 (3)

I’m wearing a black t-shirt crop top from Aerie and its tucked into the black skirt. It’s not a dress! Lol. I opted for panty-hoes because I haven’t shaved my legs in 4 weeks (and I don’t plan to until Mr.F comes home hehe).

How is everyone celebrating the start of summer? Happy blogging!

Outfit Of The Day – 04.21.2015

Hello all! So since my first ootd post went over well I thought I would do another one for today!

Today I’m wearing maroon leggings and this crochet lace top that I got from target before they pulled out of Canada ( 😦 sigh).

I’m also wearing these cute leather flats I got for Spring. I was worried they were a little to hipster for me to pull off but after wearing them regularly for about a month I think its safe to say they fit perfectly into my wardrobe! I’m also wearing the gold necklace and owl pendant my Dad got me for Valentines this year. Yes, my Dad gets my sister and I V-day gifts, because we’ll always be his girls 🙂 my Mom always gets the best gift from him though. Gotta love a man with good taste!

WIN_20150421_084733 WIN_20150421_084752

I hope you all like my attire for my day of work and exams!

Happy blogging 🙂

Outfit of the Day (ootd) – 04/20/2015

So I’ve decided to start making Outfit Of The Day posts to show off my personal style and express my feelings on Today’s fashion!

Today I am wearing black leggings, a simple white t-shirt, and this long crochet knit cardigan that I absolutely love! And I’m wearing my brand new Sperry`s in metallic black and gold!

I'm in love love love with this cardigan!
I’m in love love love with this cardigan!

I think that leggings and some simple shirts are staples that are perfect to have no matter what your style.

I love this cardigan because it reminds me of something out of the 70’s. Call me Yoko? Lol. I got it from American Eagle, it’s regularly priced 59.95 but they had a killer sale on!

I also love my Sperry’s however I’m still getting used to them and they’re causing some blisters on my feet. Nothing picking up some new ‘little sockets’ as I call them, you know the sock things to wear with flats, can’t fix.

Here is a link to a post on my go to every day makeup! If you liked this outfit you might like that post too 🙂

Happy blogging 🙂