May Have Found The Mother Of All Nail Polish’s!

So while pursuing shoppers to try and find a new spring color for my nails I found Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish, and the best part about it? No heat lamp necessary. It was on sale for about 7 dollars at Shoppers Drug Mart so I thought I may as well give it a try instead of buying a cheap polish for a couple bucks like I was originally planning.

image (7) - Copy

I chose it in the #370 “Sugar Fix” shade. I’m always drawn to pinks, purples, and blues, so its really just another shade of purple I’m adding to my collection but I still couldn’t be happier with the color! To finish the look off I decided to use the gold flakes nail polish I have from Aerie, you know the sister store of American Eagle that specializes in bras and underwear.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish label says it will last up to 2 weeks chips free. So you can all expect an update post about how long it really lasts. And considering how many coats had to do because I kept smudging them, (as you can all probably see in the pictures….), it should last at least a week, even with my retail working fingers tapping on the keys for half of my shift. We’ll see how it goes!

image - Copy (2)

I do like the look this gold flakes nail polish gives, however I’m terrible at waiting for my nail polish to dry and I always smudge it. So I suggest if you’re going to use it, make sure your original coat of polish is COMPLETLY dry and do it at a time you can just sit and watch an episode of a show or something and wait for it to also dry completely. Don’t be like me and do your nails shortly before going to bed and wake up to wide them all finger print.

image (6) - Copy

Well I hope you all like my nail look for the week and let me know what you think of the look and or the polish’s!