Disney Nature’s Monkey Kingdom; Sometimes You Just Need To Kid Out

So last time Mr. F was home while I was at work he ordered a pizza, wing, and fry combo to arrive shortly after I got home from work. So sweet, right? Even sweeter, it came with a 2 for 1 Cineplex coupon and since he was leaving to go back to work before we would get a chance to use it he said I could use it with my BFF while he was gone, so that I could still do things “on him while he was gone” is the reason he gave. Such a sweety.

But anyways, Me and my BFF and another friend went and saw the late showing of Monkey Kingdom, the new Disney Nature film. And to be honest, I have mixed feelings about it.

BTW me and my friends were the only ones in the theater that’s why I took pictures at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was a very cute story line and did have amazing shots of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka, however the narration… It kinda killed me.

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Tina Fey narrated it, which would normally be great for any nature show… but for adults, not so much for children. Monkey Kingdom is a childrens movie, I know, but the narration was pretty corny and knowing it was Tina behind the voice made it even cornier… Mainly because I feel in my soul she was dying to burst out the monkey boned jokes. I feel like if they wanted a celeb to narrate it they should have gotten someone sweet and harmless like Anne Hathaway.

I saw they make an adult version of Monkey Kingdom, but this time Tina Fey does her own narration… Maybe even pull in Amy Poehler for some back vocals on the monkeys, lol.

However all in all it was a good, cute, children’s movie…… Has nothing on Lion King though….

If you have kids they will love it or if you just like animal shows you probably will too!

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Happy blogging and happy movie watching!

Does Netflix cause insomnia? / My top shows atm

Once again I am finding myself wide awake in the middle of the night, even though I spent the entire day dreaming of my bed (or couch in this case as when my bf’s gone I tend to just let myself fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix instead of moving to the cold empty bed).

As I sit here munching on pizza pockets and listening to Mr. F’s snoring, as he likes to stay on the phone all night while he sleeps… I can’t help but wonder if the reason I can’t sleep is that I’m to invested in my shows….

Knowing this, however, I am still going to stay up to watch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy. So I may as well put my Netflix addiction to good use and make a list of the top shows to watch entire seasons of in one sitting.

1) Unbreakable Jimmy Schmitz – This is a hilarious little show that makes fun of all the social media crazes, and the theme song will be stuck in your head for weeks. The leading actress is Ellie Kemper, and I was reluctant to watch this show at first because I normally have an extreme dislike for her characters, however this character has an excuse for being a space cadet, and its really quite endearing. Deffinetly a good silly show to watch with some girlfriends.

2)Wentworth Prison – This show makes Orange is the New Black look like an episode of Ned’s declassified school survival guide, but for prison. It takes place in a women’s prison in Australia, and a place like that prison is more of a reason than the bird eating spiders to not take a visit down under. I’m just kidding, I would love to visit Australia one day, but I’m just trying to convey how intense this show is. By the end of the first episode you’ll be dying to know what happens next I promise!

3)Last Tango in Halifax – This is a BBC show about two elder widows who were sweethearts back when they were teenagers, who have reconnected after 50 years via Facebook. The humour is dry but if that’s your taste you will really enjoy this show!

Well I hope this mini list of good shows on Netflix will lead some of you to try out some of these great shows!