Hello Bloggers! I am Carly, a 21 year old Canadian woman who felt inclined to finally start a blog like I always wanted.


I call this blog 28 Days Until Friday because I live with my boyfriend, however he works for 28 days straight in a town that is 2,000 km away. He takes 2 flights to get there and ends up being gone for more like 30 but its 28 full days gone. I use this blog as some what of a time filler for when he’s gone… and still when he’s home hehe.

by the falls.       WIN_20150404_190127WIN_20140901_193040

My Sex and the City love makes me want to call him Mr. Big however our mutual love for Arrested Development inclines me to dub him Mr. F in my blog. Also if you’re familiar with the show please be sure to read the Mr.F in the British accent- sing song tone that makes it flow perfectly. And if you’re not familiar with the show I seriously recommend it!

My areas of interest range from beauty, fashion, history, pop-culture, home décor, love, life, friends, and I try to throw in the comedic touch. only way to find out what else is by reading through it!


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